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Fashion Photography is one of my biggest influences. I have an eye for dynamic and graceful photos. I capture powerful emotions because everything I shoot is something I would like to embody and express. Elegance, beauty, freedom, and exploration. I use my lens to illustrate situations or worlds that I would like to experience, and the viewer has a stronger connection to place themselves in my photos.
Although locations are not my main focus in photography, some places are just too beautiful not to capture. Even though all photos pale in comparison to actually being there, I like to feature things that people do not always notice in the moment. Spectacles like beautiful light rays, well-worn hiking paths, ripples on the water, are places that look as if they are from a dream. I like to capture fleeting moments that I'm lucky to witness and are worthy to be shared.
Whether animate or inanimate, ‘things’ have a magical ability to express and reach people in ways that only ‘things’ can. I look upon objects (things) through my lens as items to ponder or reflect upon and to question. As you view these pictures, look past the object, what emotions or concepts do they evoke?
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